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Moving Service Vienna

Are you planning your relocation to Vienna? Then it is advisable to put your move to Vienna in the hands of an experienced resettlement company. We make sure that your private or corporate move proceeds smoothly. We offer you a comprehensive relocation service, which includes everything that needs to be done. Our experienced Packers dismantle and assemble your furniture properly and safely.

UWe take care of the appropriate packaging material, the right transportation vehicle, transporting extra heavy or valuable belongings. During the move, we also offer professional cleaning, disposal and storage of furniture. We take your international move just as competently as parades in Austria.

Relocation to Vienna

- professional service instead of stress

The move will probably never be completely free of flurry. Little "moving fever" is included when you move from a remote location to Vienna. For all relocation work, we take the stress for you. We will take care of applying for and keeping the holding areas. On request, the work of professionals will be done quickly and accurately, if you need painting before you enter into the new or leave old apartment. The Wiener Möbelpacker takes your moving volume in appearances.

Then it goes to the planning. This includes sufficient staff, the appropriate carrier, the planning of extra heavy objects like the wings and much more. We will prepare everything in front, to the date of your relocation to Vienna. Our experienced Packers deal carefully with your furniture during disassembly, transport and assembly. You can be sure that your belongings are in good hands. We will take special care when it includes antiques, valuable paintings or rare furniture. With the same precision we will plan and organize your company moving in Vienna or move to Vienna.

Everything about the moving

The moving is everything about good planning and packaging. We provide all the packing material you need for safe transport. This includes stable boxes of all sizes, upholstery and more. The packaging material is adapted to your belongings. You will not need to take much. If the basement and the store has accumulated a lot of waste - don't worry, we take care of the clearing out and then disposing of it. We leave the areas swept clean. Goods for disposal are transported away properly by us.

It doesn't matter whether the disposal is from a small flat, the multi-storey or large storage rooms at the corporate relocation. Just tell us your wishes for clearing out. As perfectly networked moving company, we ensure that professionals with expertise are available for desired painting or carpentry work. After your move to Vienna not all furniture can be placed in the apartment, because there is some ongoing work in certain rooms? We offer clean, safe storage for furniture and supply you with the goods for storage to the later appointment.

Wiener Möbelpacker - fair prices

Whether company or private relocation to Vienna - we offer you fair and customer-friendly prices for all relocation services. Immediately inform yourself about our offer packages. You will see that our prices are transparent, reasonable and nothing is overpriced. We offer you comprehensive moving services, from the marked waiting areas to the proper furniture and equipment installation at the new place of residence or place of business. Also for the international move, we offer a superb value for money.

Our employees are well-trained and experienced. With them and our excellent technical facilities we respond to every move. Actually it is only a small procession which you can organize by yourself? Don't underestimate the stress of moving. It can cost you much more working days, help that you need and transportation costs. Contact us and we will handle small moving as perfectly as the comprehensive international moving. Choose smooth and professional way to move to Vienna.