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The first step in any move is packing, and it should be done properly, in order to ensure damage-free transport. We are not talking only about fragile things like porcelain,

glass or electronic, we pack all your stuff in an appropriate way. We can also provide you with an advice or details about different methods of packing.

Different packing
for different item

During the move there are several situations in which the safety of your stuff is questionable- bad road conditions, long distance, sudden breaking, etc. All your precious dishes, glasses, mirrors, expensive clocks and other, will be safe if packed properly and with great care. We offer you appropriate materials to pack your stuff accordingly. There are different kinds of boxes: standard, office, clothes, and book boxes. There are also slides, bubble wraps and tapes. You only have to pay a small amount for the cardboard and then you get 50% back when the move is over.

made precisely for packing

Everything, from the linen to dishes can be packed in cardboard. The cardboard can be substituted with paper and bubble wrap. Our practical dress- boxes have hangers for your clothes. Book boxes are very small and stable, and they can be stacked. For office items we have boxes similar to folders. Larger items are packed in boxes called ~barrels~. If necessary, some of your items will be secured with cushion-like materials. Any delicate surface- pictures, polished woods, chrome or precious materials, as well as furniture will be protected by stretch films. We offer cardboard boxes with signs` fragile` or `water-sensitive` for electronic or lamps. If it is recquired, the protection will be improved by adding bubble wrap. In a word, all your things will be packed carefully and transported safely to your new address in Vienna.

Vienna moves
– advice on packing materials

The packing is not a daily activity, therefore you need our advice on which material to use. All you should do is to contact us, and our competent workers will tell you which type of packing material is the most suitable for a certain item. Also you will be provided with tips for safe and proper packing. On our website you can check the dimensions of the boxes , as well as the quantity of packing material which you need, and which will be easily estimated. Furthermore, you will get an advice for the number of recquired packing boxes and materials for your goods.

made precisely for packing

When everything comes safely and undamaged to your new home, it is easy for you to enjoy your new stay. Our employees are careful and gentle with all your properties. You can be completely sure that your belongings are safe and damage-free. Since we cannot see inside the boxes, move-assistant must rely on what is on the box-whether it is a sign` caution glass`, or `fragile`, so it is the safest to use packing materials and boxes we can provide. All our cardboard boxes and other containers are designed and made for safe transport. You should inform us about any special and highly-valuable item that we have to take care of. In this case, we will do our best to secure these items, and we will increase our awareness about the value and fragility of those things. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us: +43-676-612-33-30
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