Furniture storage in Vienna

– need not to worry with our service

What to do in a situation when your new home is not completely ready to move in, or there is still a room with ongoing work in it? There is neither a basement/attic nor any other room to put your furniture in? We can offer you a wide variety of furniture or any other storage in

Vienna. We use My Space storage rooms where you can put your furniture or other household items in safe and sealed rooms. When it is time to move in, you can arrange with us the transport of all your stuff to your new home.

Storage in Vienna
– 10 places for your stuff safekeeping

The Austrian capital offers you 10 places for self-storage, for your private or business needs. Each of your belongings or pieces of furniture, no matter of its size or fragility, will be provided with an appropriate packing box. You can rent these boxes easily and cheaply, for any period of time. These boxes have different sizes, starting with 1 m2. The storage area has its own parking place, and a lot of space for loading. We will transport all the boxes to the storage, or at your request to your new location. For moving your office or firm, there are also appropriate storage rooms.

Furniture storage
for international moving

You are planning to move abroad and you need a safe place to put your stuff in? You need not to worry, because we can arrange the transport, packing, and storage for you. Everything will be done quickly, reliably and affordably by us. You can even relocate your business- your office, or premises with our service, to Vienna or any other city. We will help you to save your money and do your moving easily and with no stress at all.

Furniture storage in Vienna
solves all your problems

Whether it is a family home or business facility moving, you need more storage or you even want to sell some of your furniture, we will gladly help you with it. The self-storages rooms are available in different parts of Vienna so you can choose the most suitable for you, as well as the closest ones to your future home or firm. Those clean, safe and affordable furniture storage rooms are a modern solution to any moving or storage problem.

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You can contact us online or by phone. Tell us your problem, your demands and expectations and we will take care of it. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us: +43-676-612-33-30
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