Cleaning and disposal

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Wiener Möbelpacker Moving Service Disposal – Clearing

When people move from their home or firm to a new one, they come up with many things which have been accumulated in basements, sheds, garages or someplace else, for a number of years.

The question is what to do with those things you want to get rid of? This is also a service that our firm provides -quick, clean and easy disposal of all your unwanted items or pieces of furniture.

Cleaning of your
apartment in Vienna

We clean everything up. All you can think of- just hoarded garage or room, or even hazardous waste. You name it, we clean it. When you are moving from your previous home/house, the cleaning of it can be a time consuming activity. Maybe a member or your family has passed away, or moved to a retirement home so you need to clean the space, to get rid of some unwanted stuff or even to try to sell some items? People normally save and hoard a number of things which are now useless or outdated. You can trust us in these situations. We can help you if you want to donate some of your furniture, clothes, or any other item. We will transport those things to charity organizations of your choice. Or we can storage them until you find a suitable buyer for them. All your stuff will be safe and clean and you will have an easy access to them. Whatsoever, we can provide you a painter or carpenter service if you need it.

Disposal in Vienna
during your moving

When you move to a new home, office or premises, we will take care of the cleaning or your shed, attic or basement or any other place. If you are doing the part of the cleaning yourself, we can do the rest of it. In terms of offices and other business premises, we transport and remove any kind of goods. You can rely on our service completely-any basement, attic, warehouse, office or factory will be cleaned according to your demands. We take, transport and clean all unwanted things, to appropriate points where they will be taken care of, according to regulations. We take care of terminating the old unwanted files. All activities involved with disposal are quick, clean, reliable and at reasonable price.


The breath of fresh air
– cleaning in Vienna

You want to renovate, refurnish your home? Or you just want to clean the basement to get more space? You have some stuff to sell, donate, or dispose? You want to get rid of old furniture, old garden tools, old appliances and old electronic gadgets? You just need to call us and we will take care of it. You do not have to take care of sorting the items-we do this for you, quickly and correctly. Our experience staff will do it for you in any part of Vienna, and at any time. Just in a while, your house, office, shed or basement is empty, clean and your stuff are transported, so you do have enough new space.


Disposal in Vienna
– just call us!

If you want to move to a new home, office, or premises, or you just need a complete and detailed cleaning of the place, just call us and we will provide you with any activity you may need. You can also contact us online. We will gladly answer any of your questions dealing with the cleaning or disposal. We will examine the place which needs to be cleaned, we will organize the cleaning of it as well as the transport of your belongings and disposal of any kind of waste. Our costs are transparent so you can see your expenses in any of the necessary activities. The moment you order our service, we will schedule and perform all the necessary activities. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us:
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