Our special service for

your office relocation

Your office or any other business premises is relocated by our experienced and reliable company. The moving of the entire office must be carefully planned and done. It is an easy task for our company.

We offer well-trained personnel and all available technology. We together plan and schedule with you so the moving is precise, planned, and stress-free.

Your office relocation
– our advice and support

Our company provides you with a project manager, who will give you any necessary advice in terms of planning, timing and performing your business relocation. If you need a complete relocation of your office to Vienna, you will be given a full plan, schedule and costs. During the moving our project manager is a contact person and a consultant who you can contact in order to ask about any phase of the moving, packing, storage or disposal. Each plan is detailed, we offer you an authorized parking zones for the transport, as well as all necessary machinery and technology. We take care of your furniture, documents, construction items, furnishings, technical items, in other words-anything what is important for proper relocation of your business.

With the slightest disturbance
of your business or life

We give our best to minimize the impact which relocation or moving may have on your life or work. You decide which parts of your home or business will be transported first. If you need to move different segments of your home or business to different locations, you specify the order. Sometimes it is unavoidable to stop the ongoing business, in order to perform the relocation, but it will be stopped very shortly. Our company Wiener Möbelpacker stands out for its excellent planning, schedule and timing.

Your unwanted items
– our professional disposal

Our service for disposal and cleaning is completely available to you. We professionally perform the cleaning of your offices, workshops, indoors and outdoors premises. In Vienna we will remove and dispose your old furniture, stationery or any other office supplies. On the other hand your files, documents, records and books will be separated, then safely packed and finally transported to a desired destination.

Our transport service
in Vienna

It is impossible to avoid transport of heavy items when you are relocating your business premises. This includes safety deposit boxes, heavy machinery, robust pieces of furniture, or even entire server cabinets. It also requires experienced staff and adequate technological support. For all these problems mentioned, you can rely on our company and its service.

Moving your office in to Vienna
is a matter of trust

Relocation of your office or any other kind of business is a matter of trust. You can rely on our professional service at any phase in your office or business moving. You will have all our attention for any doubt, question or problem. We will organize your moving in a few days or in any other period which suits you best. Your office stuff will be carefully sorted, packed and moved to a desired destination. The project manager assigned to you will take care of any phase in details.

Professionals for your
office move in Vienna

You can have a complete trust in us for your office relocation in Vienna. Please contact us, make an appointment for any consultancy, information or planning of your move. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us: +43-676-612-33-30
Your Wiener Möbelpacker team