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Welcome to the website of Wiener Möbelpacker. We are your reliable partner for fast, high-quality, and affordable moving in Vienna, Austria, and the whole of Europe. Our professional moving service includes every detail necessary for a smooth relocation.

Moving to a new apartment, a different city or even a new country is usually a very complex process. Plus, it requires certain adjustments. Especially, if it is a new city or even a new country. Wiener Möbelpacker helps you go through everything at a fair price. Our price list includes all moving costs precisely explained.

Our removal and relocation service

Move to Vienna area

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The Wiener Möbelpacker are not only on the move in Vienna, but also offer their moving service in the Vienna area, e.g. B. Klosterneuburg, Purkersdorf, Korneuburg, Mödling etc. As with moves within Vienna, the cost estimate is the basis for a stress-free move when moving in the Vienna area. In order to provide the customer with a serious cost estimate or a flat-rate price, we carry out inspections free of charge. You can contact our office at any time by e-mail or telephone. Our office staff will then be happy to come by without obligation to plan the entire office move. This clarifies with the customer what will be dismantled, how much packaging material will be supplied and the move will be gone through step by step to ensure that the move is as stress free as possible.

Clearing out and disposal of bulky waste

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We also take on these tasks for private and corporate customers. Many customers take advantage of a move to sort their belongings and dispose of items that are broken or no longer needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bulky waste, furniture that has become unusable – in apartments or the destruction of files and data carriers for corporate customers, we take care of the disposal during the move or as an individual order.

Moving abroad/additional cargo/customs clearance

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Wiener Möbelpacker are proud to be embedded in a partner network of institutions, which allows us to offer our customers removals and additional loads in Europe and worldwide. This means that we are also able to carry out bureaucratic hurdles such as customs clearance for our customers. If the move does not take place from Vienna, we offer several ways to get a cost estimate without conducting an on-site inspection.

Daily moves from Vienna to Linz/Salzburg

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The Viennese furniture movers move from Vienna to Linz/Salzburg and vice versa almost every day. As a result, we are able to offer additional loads in these directions very often. This variant is particularly practical for smaller moves that are too big for your own car, as the person moving does not have to rent a transport vehicle. For this we only need a time window in which the transport is to be carried out and we will suggest exact dates to you.

Daily moves from Vienna to Graz/Klagenfurt

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Moving Vienna Graz is one of the most common moves in Austria. We carry out these moves and their additional loading options almost every day. For example, if we are moving from Klagenfurt to Vienna, then we combine this with a move from Vienna to Graz. With additional loading, we save our customers, for whom only part of the removal goods or only one piece of furniture has to be transported, some time and money!

Weekly removals Vienna-Munich-Zurich

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We move weekly to Munich or even further to Switzerland. When moving abroad, a free inspection/estimate is a must. In addition, if necessary, we carry out bureaucratic activities such as customs clearance for the customer. By combining two or more appointments, we enable additional loads from Bregenz-Innsbruck-Salzburg, which saves the customer time and money! With such additional loads, it is important that you, the customer, are relatively flexible when it comes to the move. Just ask in our office when the next additional load would be possible!

Weekly moves Vienna-Berlin-Hamburg

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Journeys in the direction of Berlin and Hamburg are one of our most frequent transport routes. As a result, we can offer relocations and additional loads for this rod with a very high price-performance certainty. Additional loads from Prague, Dresden or Hanover are therefore very often included, which means that we can offer our customers the best prices and fully utilize our loading capacities. Of course, as with all removals abroad that we offer, a free inspection appointment is carried out as the basis for the cost estimate, where all administrative and technical steps are discussed. ge Vienna-Berlin-Hamburg

Timely delivery packing and unpacking service

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Of course, the professional packing and unpacking service is also included in our all-round service. Through many years of experience with private and company moves, we know how to pack your household goods safely and quickly and get them ready to move. Our moving experts always choose the right packaging material, starting with the right boxes, reliable protection for fragile china or crease-free transport of your wardrobe. Packing and unpacking by professionals is particularly helpful when it comes to company moves. This means that countless folders, goods or devices do not have to be packed and unpacked, which prevents significant time delays.

Movers provision for business

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In addition to our standard packages, which include furniture movers and trucks, we also provide flexible and reliable personnel for companies in Vienna. We are proud to be embedded in a functioning network of companies and to be able to offer our customers the best possible service. In addition to our work, we also offer customers other services such as. e.g. setting up a no-parking zone. We apply for this from MA 46 and take care of putting up and removing the signs.


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Many relocations are also associated with longer storage or interim storage. In order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible support in these situations, we have been working with the market leader in storage for years. In cooperation with our partner company MyPlace and our own storage rooms of 1500m², we create more freedom in times of lack of space. We therefore offer a wide variety of storage options and time windows for storage, regardless of whether it is for private individuals or companies.

20 years of experience
In moving and relocation

We have more than 20 years of experience in the moving business. Therefore, we can advise you about every formality that needs to be taken care of for a carefree move. Wiener Möbelpacker is a local, privately held company from Vienna. We handle relocations and smaller-scale transportations in Vienna and across Austria, but also engage in moving abroad.

The company’s core principle is to ALWAYS ensure a friendly relationship with every client and a helpful relocation/moving service. We are specialized in addressing your individual needs.


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Thanks to our modern transporters/trucks with a wide range of capacities, we can offer all our customers (regardless of whether they are private or corporate customers) flexible loading times and low prices. It is not for nothing that more than 1500 customers trust in us year after year. We handle your move optimally thanks to the high quality of our services and total control of the logistics.


Office & company move
professional and reliable

We have the necessary knowledge and practical experience to carry out the move quickly and smoothly for you. Regardless of whether you are moving as a private person or as a company. Hundreds of companies trust in our skills every year. Thanks to us, your employees can work productively again at the new location within a very short time.