Demontage – Montage your furnitare

Ihrer Möbel

You don’t have time or will or both for montage or demontage of your furniture?

Wiener Möbelpacker take care of the dismantling and the precise reconstruction of your cabinets and furniture. We dismantle and assemble your furniture professionally before and after the move, or when buying new. We can also make modifications on your furniture, if in some case for example your cabinet does not fit in the new room, hanging of pictures, wardrobe and mirror, can also be acquired by us.

Disassembly and assembly of furniture, is always included in our service!

Leave nothing to chance! The professionals from Wiener Möbelpacker dominate:

Regardless on type of furniture, special or designer furniture, which we transport for you, we can also disassemble and reassemble.

Ask for a free quotation for your move with Service of the Wiener Möbelpacker!